During short trips around the city, this was annoying, so I used CarPlay only on long distances. I liked the device, I think that the convenience that has appeared is worth the money spent. Of course, this is not possible for all applications, only https://jiji.com.gh/16-desktop-computers/apple-imac for those approved by Apple. Today I have a device on review that you can definitely do without, but it is much more convenient with it. Next, CarPlay will start and you will see the standard interface window. The device arrived in a white cardboard box. That is, everything works as if you connected the phone to the system with a wire. When you get out of the car – do not forget to turn off and pick up the phone.

Carlinkit II comes in two colors – black and white, I chose black.
You can see how this thing connects and works in this video.
From the other end – USB-A, and this connector, unfortunately, is not pass-through, but only for the ability to charge the phone if you only have one USB port in your car.
In the future, the connection will occur automatically, it takes 30-40 seconds after turning the key in the ignition. Navigation works fine too. P.S. All control buttons on the steering wheel, speakerphone — work well. Link to the manufacturer’s website where there is a list of compatible I am absolutely sure that laziness is the engine of progress. The connection is stable, it works without brakes and lags, and I want to note that the sound quality is much better than via Bluetooth. Only now you don’t have to do it every time, just get in the car and drive, and then just stop and get out, not being afraid to leave the phone in the car. Apparently, our Chinese friends also know about it.
In addition to the device itself, the box contains a short USB-A to USB-C cable and instructions in Chinese and English. I like CarPlay, but it was laziness that prevented me from using it regularly. When you get into the car, you need to get your phone and connect it with a cable to the multimedia system. If the car system has a touchscreen, it also works. Basically, these are music and navigation applications, as well as an application for calls and instant messengers. After that, connect your iPhone to the device via Bluetooth, and after they pair via Bluetooth, they will automatically connect via WiFi (so WiFi on the iPhone must also be enabled). I’ll briefly describe the process – you plug the device into the USB connector of the car multimedia system. Siri also works in this system, which you can ask, for example, about the weather or ask to call someone.
To estimate the dimensions, a photo with a lighter. The main condition is that it must support wired CarPlay. In the city, it was enough that the phone automatically connected to the system via Bluetooth, and there was no need to bother with a wired connection every time. Carlinkit II is a device that allows you to turn wired Apple CarPlay into wireless. From one end there is a USB-C connector – for connecting to the car system It allows you to connect your iPhone to your car’s multimedia system and enjoy apps from your iPhone on the big screen.
I think those who have tried using the Apple CarPlay system in their car will agree with me – this is a very convenient and thoughtful system.

Wireless Apple CarPlay – Carlinkit II

If you have any questions, ask, I will try to answer.

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