A year ago, I already bought a similar lamp (here is a review), but without a clock and a speaker, just like a nightlight for children. Replaced the battery.
Right out of the box, this wonderful speaker lamp sounds quite expected, i. very not very.

RGB night light lamp with built-in clock and column. You can simply use this lamp as a small clock and an alarm clock, i.e. set the clock and do not touch it anymore, only charge it every 4 days (if I correctly calculated 3400mAh / 39mA = about 87 hours, with a native acc for 20 hours). Alarm clock turns on and from the off state (if only the battery is alive) – a rather loud melody plays. Long press of the central button activates the clock setting, then use the ± buttons to set the hours, and the central button to switch to minutes and then to the alarm clock.
photo of the chips is larger, marking CHDC1389A and CS8138S Hours. The lamp came in a regular package, pretty quickly, the boxes were almost not wrinkled. RGB lamp — red, green and blue 140mA each, light green 240mA, light blue 290mA. lamp (including hours) — weak 70mA, medium 86mA, bright 140mA More: I found one similar to Ali – I wrote to one seller, to another – give, they say, "for review" … shazzz (or I don’t know how to ask). I used exclusively Bluetooth, the phone and tablet finds it very quickly (LV 2017), easy and simple to connect. Size: 127 x 96 mm (versus 119 x 90 mm).
we wrap the “sambufer” pipe (seat for the battery) with foam A simple lamp has more shades, but there are no disco and iridescent modes. Warm everyone!
Enjoy the stage, panorama, cymbals, sub and mid bass, and most importantly, a completely new stereo base. Comes with lamp https://jiji.co.tz/280-dish-racks, instructions, cables for charging micro USB and AUX 3.5mm (both 50cm). with bluetooth on – 42mA Caution, loud noise in the off state it consumes 9mA (hours) If the speaker is on, then the time is constantly displayed on the screen (until you turn off or sit down the acc), readability is excellent at any time from any angle (here’s the battery for you), if you turn off the speaker, the screen is empty, but the clock "inside" go. DIGOO DG-663

When activated, the bluetooth also reports this quite normally. We put the strips under the speaker, the ring between the top cover and the speaker, fix it with double-sided tape. There is no screaming aunt, the hieroglyphs do not fly out of the speaker. we send the battery for a test and are surprised at the capacity of 800mAh, cut off and solder the Panasonic 3400mAh carefully. The volume control is independent of the phone, a long press switches the sound, a short one switches the tracks.
Let’s immediately compare the size and brightness with the already existing lamp. – white light, with a short touch switches weak-medium-bright; If you do not touch the buttons for 3 seconds, it simply goes into clock mode.
we glue the foam around the perimeter of the lamp body on double-sided tape Read more about energy consumption at the end of the review. Weight: 300g (against 184g, but that’s to be expected, the speaker weighs 86g) The manager from the Banggood store responded (I took about twenty multimeters there), he says, don’t worry, friend, everything will be in the best possible way. We cut out a strip and a ring of Shumka from the packing “foam” honestly obtained under New Mail. Another review of a night lamp, but now with a built-in speaker and clock. The lamp is charged with a current of 0.9A (voltage drop on the cable is about 0.3V). – with a long touch we switch to RGB and here in a circle red – green – blue-light green (type) – light blue – light blue – iridescent (in the same circle, but with shades) – "disco" (works only with Bluetooth on) – turn off. The central button for setting the clock and alarm. Light control The lamp turns on and off by holding the rightmost button for a long time, while remembering the last light mode.
Unscrew the board This mode (disco) I did not immediately understand that it existed at all, because after the “shimmering” there was a touch, which I took for “off”, then another idle, which, as it turned out, was “off” ( video at the end of the review).
There are four screws under the elastic leg, slightly visible through the elastic. Bluetooth 2.1 connection, AUX and card reading. The observed lamp shines objectively 2 times brighter (white) and is comparable in RGB mode, but has fewer shades of glow. This is all a joke, but the rattling seems to be less and the sound can now be twisted at least by 7-8. Instruction: with the clock indication on – 38mA Anyone who has two (or more) knows that they have to buy everything according to the number of children – one lamp turned out to be not enough and sometimes there were disputes. Now let’s take a screwdriver and see what’s inside. The micro USB cable is mediocre, but for such devices it is quite expected, a maximum of 1.6A, while the drop is 0.6V. It also says the numbers of the caller. The lamp can also be a speaker (listen to the sound on the video).
we collect everything back (do not forget to solder the touch) The dimensions are almost the same, the weight is almost 1.5 times more.
unscrew the speaker (rather massive, 86g), 5cm PS If you have any questions – write, I will try to answer. Separately about the "screaming aunt". This is where the vocabulary ends – I rate it as excellent. I suspect that, as in all similar devices, the sound will be like from a cellar and it will be uncomfortable for the interlocutor to listen. Disconnect the battery and speaker, unsolder the touch sensor and unscrew the next plastic partitiongently snap off the top cover (where is the touch) It turns on generally silently (it’s super), when you turn it off it’s not very loud (but not quiet) it speaks good English "power off". The other two are volume and track switching and for setting the clock. Usually this is a pain of such devices.
A couple more photos of the board: LEDs, screen and buttons I also scanned the instructions I wish everyone only successful and profitable purchases. By coupon BGRUDG until 05/31/2021. price $13.99. Able to be a headset, when an incoming call dictates the English numbers of the subscriber. More details under the cut. So, we make JBL Pulse acoustics out of DIGOO (just kidding). Total. Dismantled, made measurements and a little revision. Consumption measurements are in the video, but briefly, something like this: To be honest, I did not use this function on any of the speakers that I have at home. It is better not to turn on more than 3-4 volume levels (there are 16 in total). The mode button (far left) turns Bluetooth on and off. added: when the battery is low, a nice quiet female voice says "low battery, please charge, power off"

Of course, we were taught to share as children, but that time has long passed – modern children want everyone to have their own.

column (including clock and bluetooth) – level 1 – 50mA, level 6 – 60mA, level 10 – 140mA, level 15 – 290mA (all figures are approximate, depending on the music). I wanted to throw out the regular speaker and put it there from the speaker from the deceased home theater, but it wasn’t there – the seat is strongly sharpened for the regular one, so I went a little different way.

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