And under it, you can see the skin (even after washing your hands, I found a mote on my hand XD under a microscope), and the hair under it is something. 1) Let’s start in order. – The backlight is bright, it does not blind the eyes, it is enough to illuminate the subject. 5 out of 5; – Nothing creaks; – At first, the Zoom and Focus were spinning tight and jerky, but this passed. But the quality is not bad, the threads do not stick out anywhere, nothing falls apart, the button holds. — Excellent toy; He’s in the works: This baby came to me 22 days from the date of dispatch or 25 days from the date of payment. Dimensions at 100x magnification. — Good equipment; — The microscope itself. We examined everything that came to hand: hair, skin, food, garbage, motes, wood, pimples on the body, a screen, paper, newspapers, I don’t even remember everything now. – Box. (A box with an image of the microscope itself and pictures, apparently of what can be seen through it).
4) It’s just a hair. Today I want to write about a microscope ordered from Bic. But… Pros: — The backlight does its job with a bang. Not that it was some kind of thing that they had never seen or heard in their lives, everyone studied at school and used Soviet microscopes, examining particles of skin, frog blood, and onions. – The moving part, when pressed, goes back into the body, I would like some kind of rigidity. 3.5 out of 5; Cons: – The box is complete with instructions, which means it can be used as a gift (the fact that it is dented, the mail is to blame); – Brings a huge number of positive emotions. It was very nice to receive such a cover in the kit). — Instruction. (In two languages, Chinese and English, but even without instructions, everything is clear). — The peephole is made of plastic, there is no rubber edging. And finally the classic of all reviews: Well, the rest who used it were delighted. — Indeed, there is an increase of 60x-100x (I don’t know if it increases by 60x or not, but the difference between 60x and 100x is noticeable); I would rate 4 out of 5; – My first words were: “A crazy little thing! I won’t sell it to anyone." I don’t know what you decide and whether you liked the review or not, but I don’t regret this purchase at all. — Small size; — Cover. (Made of some kind of oilcloth, or something. – No unpleasant odor; 3) 1) Synthetic T-shirt At the time of purchase, I did not think that I would want to keep it for myself. — Low price; The microscope itself is in a case.Case dimensions.Case dimensions.Instruction in Chinese.Instruction in English.The box is a little wrinkled from our mail.And finally everything together 🙂 – The backlight switch is tight, but there will be no accidental switching on. 5 out of 5; Then I will add answers to the review 🙂 Appearance: 5)Let’s have a little game. – The Focus and Zoom controls were tight and jerky at first, but after 10 minutes of use, everything worked perfectly. Dimensions relative to a classic lighter :_) I would like a larger eye size or an elastic band for the eye. It’s just different here. The dimensions are really very small. Greetings to all lovers of shopping abroad, And also, those who just love to read reviews.
2-3) A table with some piece of plastic — Batteries included; – Plastic does not stink. 5 out of 5; 4) You write the answer options, what is shown in the photo, and I will write whether it is true or not. — Dimensions 8*3*1.5 cm. (Very compact). – The retractable peephole is fixed, but not as hard as we would like Complete set: And now to all those who are curious and want to know how this miracle works, please The girl said: "Wow, how is it?" Dimensions at 60x magnification. 2) Guess what it is? This kid pleasantly surprised me, for details I ask under cat.

Home microscope.

5) Camera screen. — The small size of the eye or the lack of an overlay for the eye. But in principle, it’s not bad. 4 out of 5;

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