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When you want to get better at SEO and marketing, Ahrefs is prepared to help. Ahrefs offers SEO tools and resources to help businesses grow their traffic, and it’s one of the best blogs of 2021 because it’s designed with marketers in mind. It takes a straightforward approach to the most common problems that industry-leaders face, all through a sense of humor. Econsultancy offers thoughtful analysis on the current state of the industry. China Online Marketing Blog provides you with posts on Chinese website design, Baidu PPC / SEO, China social media marketing, China mobile marketing, etc.

The Mack Web Solutions blog is a breath of fresh air in the noisy world of blogging. This blog focuses on community building, which means there is no fluff. Creativity and beautiful design are important elements of modern marketing. The Campaign Monitor blog, run by community manager Ros Hodgekiss, digs into the art and the science of email marketing. They feature content for small business owners of all stripes and special feature sections for women entrepreneurs, franchisees, and green business owners. This blog curates quality content for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

marketing blogs

Ubersuggest is another product by Patel that serves the digital marketing community. Patel also offers consulting and site audit services for business owners. On his blog, he shares his knowledge of digital marketing and provides valuable resources for you to use in your own business. Orbit Media Studios is one of those product marketing blogs which has gained massive traction in the past few years.

When Did You Launch The Moz Formerly Seomoz Blog, And Why Did You Decide To Do It?

In 2015, they set a goal of reaching 40,000 unique visitors within six months. While it didn’t come to fruition, their transparency in documenting their process won them regard in the content marketing space. One of the best things about Marketo blog is that it categorizes its posts on the basis of B2B and B2C that makes it easier to find the right content. You’ll not see new posts very often but every time they post, you will learn something awesome and probably before your competitors. Buffer isn’t just an interesting social media scheduling app, their blogis even better. Unbounceis the official blog run and owned by Unbounce which is a platform that helps marketers create, convert, integrate, and optimize landing pages.

That’s why you’ll never see strategy as a line item, because it’s at the heart of everything we do, always. Blogging is a great tool for honing your writing skills, exploring new ideas, and building anonline sales strategyin your favorite or discipline. With more readers, you can monetize your blog and make a living as a blogger.

marketing blogs

As an evolving community of experts, we recognize the growing pains most marketers face. In this highly competitive sphere, selecting the most effective strategies is essential, which is where their articles can help. Whether you need help choosing a powerful laptop to perform your marketing tasks, or you need a thorough analysis of what delivers results in lead generation, Digital Marketers World has you covered.


Come for the deliverability advice, stay for the spam and cheese sandwich recipe recommendation. To make sense of it all, look no further than the Social Media Examiner. As well as covering news on all the big platforms, it helps marketers get more out of their organic and paid social activities through interviews with expert practitioners. Topics range from updates on Google Ads products, to search trends and practical guidance aimed at brands and advertisers. The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI’s) mission is to teach brands how to bring in and keep hold of customers through engaging storytelling, and its blog is a natural extension of that. Jay Baer and team have a ton of great resources on the site including podcasts, case studies, and a couple of books as well.

It was rally interesting reading your blog and do post more blogs like these in future so it will help many people understand about digital marketing and how effective it is in the real word thank you. This is one of the most popular blogs on digital marketing as the content is topical, useful, and fascinating. With Buffer blog, you can know the best ways to drive traffic and increase fan engagement. If you follow this blog, you will be able to craft and implement an effective and measurable content marketing strategy of your own. Also, they bring to you a host of beautifully created infographics that contain the latest digital marketing tests, studies, and statistics. You will find internet marketing blogs about technical issues like overcoming duplicate content issues to communication strategies like relationship building.

The news published on Marketing Land ranges from announcements and business developments from the top marketing brands to helpful How-To guides. We’re big fans of continual self-education through high quality blogs. With thousands of digital marketing blogs to choose from, weeding out the good information from the bad can be an incredibly time-consuming process.

However, L-SPARK’s Stef Reid shares her blog is an equally brilliant resource. “‘Think With Google’ is definitely the most useful and complete b2b blog for my agency,” Francesco Bonafine from Digital Nomads Hong Kong shares. Bhargava continues, “What stands out is how each post is in-depth and conversational. The content doesn’t stretch unnecessarily and offers value to the reader without getting monotonous or boring. “Shopify’s blog caterers to small biz owners and entrepreneurs, and I thoroughly enjoy how the content is relevant at all times,” writes Genbook’s Taru Bhargava who also shares the blog as a favorite.

She has over a decade of experience in marketing, email marketing and graphic design. Lovely Package has been curating the very best in packaging design since 2008. The Drum offers an informed, current take on its ‘Brand News’ section.

While companies that have a blog to publish company news as an afterthought often fail to see significant results. The Content Marketing Institute is the mothership for content insights and research. Run by Joe Pulizzi, one of the founding fathers of content marketing, CMI offers industry overviews and how-to guides to jumpstart your content efforts. There are articles about blogging best practices, storytelling, and content strategy. Content Marketing Institute blog will keep you updated with the latest content marketing events.

These are some of the advantages offered by having this type of resource at hand. If you want to see your customers’ emotions about your company improve, bet on creating a customer experience map. We believe that providing personalized service keeps customers satisfied and engaged with the brand. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and create your own AR content. PADI Members will be well used to the marketing resources that we provide as standard; toolkits, webinars and how-to videos are now part of our everyday offering. But in recent months we’ve been looking at how best to streamline the resources we provide, and how to improve the experience PADI Members have when searching for what they need.

This way, anyone can take the nuggets of information and apply it to their own strategy . This blog is frequently updated with original content, and editors recommend additional reads from other popular business sites directly from their homepage. Their posts are super informative, well-researched, and thorough. What stands out is the fact that they explain the most complex topics in a manner that is easy for even a beginner to understand.

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