Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

The individuals who drew these maps and plans were surveyors and as such individuals wishing to study the event and history of colonial surveying and map and plan-making will likewise discover the Cadastral Map Collection invaluable. Estate plans for instance, have been drawn for a quantity of reasons, together with accompaniments of patents, deeds, wills, boundary disputes, settlement and debtor hearings, sale and land transfer. Maps often comprise the layout of the estates, displaying land usage, rivers, mountains and variety of settlements. It is noteworthy to observe that maps earlier maps of Jamaica illustrated coastal settlements and the internal components of the island had been either poorly labelled or ignored. Later maps nevertheless, famous inland settlements, in addition to internal rivers, mountains and so forth and furthermore have been pretty accurate as to labeling.

  • The National Library and particularly, the Special Collections and Conservation Dept. urges patrons to use the postcards with care, thereby ensuring its preservation for future generations.

The Worthy Park Estate Collection accommodates over one hundred fifty documents together with plantation books, property journals, accounts, letter books produced from a premier sugar estate which still exists in Jamaica today. Its wealthy, over 200 12 months history is reflected from this collection, which dates from as far again as 1783. The Jamaica Archives takes special precautions to safeguard the standard of its collections, by instructing patrons within the correct techniques when using the documents.

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In the period by which Mais wrote, the Rastafarian was a “feared despised and rejected group” . According to a listing compiled at the Island secretary’s workplace in 1869 there were one hundred forty volumes of slave returns but the number given in Bell and Parker’s “Guide to West Indians Archive Materials” is the current certainly one of 141. The Record Book of the Court of St. Ann accommodates one fairly intact. However, the microfilm is very pale and at instances the script is illegible. The damage to the original, when it comes to watermarks, also contributes to the illegibility of some sections of the Record Book. In addition, there are at least six pages lacking from the microfilm.

Samuel Long for example was a member of the Jamaican Assembly as was Edward Long, who wrote the History of Jamaica. It is worth mentioning that the merchant agency the household owned and ran in London was an element for many West Indian planters. The Longs had been also powerful lobbyist, belonging to the West India Interest. As such, one can not study these individuals without additionally looking at their plantations. The Letterbook of the Columbian Commercial Agency in Jamaica and the Letterbook of the Consul of Columbia in Jamaica may not be extraordinarily uncommon if copies of the letters written exist exterior of Jamaica. However, the Letterbooks are distinctive as a end result of they’re the only ones situated in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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Other issues embody justice, punishment, resistance and domination. The documents are authentic records of names compiled from the emigrant passes. This doc is one which allows for a beginning point for any analysis on the Indian presence in Jamaica. Those persons from East Indian lineage who’re interested in tracing their genealogy would do well to use this doc. For different historians or researchers it allows for a qualitative as well as quantitative examine of the Indian presence in Jamaica. The Postcard Collection is generally properly preserved, being documents of the 20 th century.

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Though the Collection is unique to Jamaica, there are some maps that are of different Caribbean territories. W. A. Roberts’ social circle was very wide and as such his correspondence was intensive. He wrote to and obtained letters from persons including Clara Maude Garret and Lily Garrett, Edna and Norman Manley and W. Besides letters, the correspondence additionally features a sizeable collection of postcards as well.

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