Below are three rubberized buttons. Each button has two purposes: long press and short press – “On / Off – Play / pause”, “Previous track / Volume -”, “Next track / Volume". This is long enough. Material: ABS iron If you connect the speaker via bluetooth and press the “Play” key, the standard player will start in the phone and the last started track will be played. When on, the diode blinks blue, when connected to the device, it glows blue, and when charging, the red LED lights up. It is needed to quickly connect to the speaker. On one side are the speaker controls, there is also a light indicator. As stated in the TX, a 2000 mAh lithium battery is built in. Total Power: 6W Color: Grass green black The case is available in 4 colors: green, blue, orange and black. The speaker can be connected to any device that has an audio output, such as an mp3 player, phone, tablet or computer. Battery type: Li-ion battery Due to the design of the case, the keys are recessed inside, if you put this side on the table, the buttons will not interfere. Frequency Range: 80Hz ~ 20KHz Even at maximum volume, the speaker does not jump. The body is made soundly, nothing crunches. On the side there is a plastic eye to which an aluminum carabiner is attached. Bluetooth version: V4.0 The speakers are protected by a metal mesh, the holes in the mesh are less than 1mm, the speaker is well protected against falling and penetration of small particles. Bluetooth Handsfree: Yes The manufacturer promises IP4 protection, so today we will check whether it is really so protected. The parcel arrived intact, the speaker was securely packed. 1 x Buckle

On the other side are: a microUSB speaker charging connector and an audio input.

Brand: VINA There is also an NFC module. 1 x Audio cable Built-in battery capacity: 2000mAh Microphone: Yes Such a speaker can be taken safely to nature. 1 x Bluetooth speaker Model: MS-319 Having fully charged the speaker, it played with me at an average volume of 4 hours, but it was not discharged. Packing list Unfortunately, I can’t test NFC, because I don’t have a phone with this function. Size: 17 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm Interface: 3.5mm The speaker can be hooked onto a backpack or a tent.

Bluetooth Speaker VINA MS-319 with NFC module Small modification

A protective rubber cover 3 mm thick is put on the speaker’s body, there is something like a flat leg on which the speaker stands on the bottom. Operating Range: 13m Today’s review is dedicated to music, namely, VINA MS-319 portable acoustics, which you can take with you everywhere. Weight: 336 g This is done as follows: turn on NFC in the phone, bring the phone itself to the inscription on the speaker (((NFC))), in a couple of seconds the phone will connect to the speaker on its own (the speaker must be turned on before connecting). The soap dish only once captured the real colors in the first photo, then the speaker will be bright green. The most interesting thing about this speaker is the design. 1 x USB Charging cable Resistance: 4ohm

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